Smart Access Controls & Gate Automation in Kolkata


Smart Home Access Controls

Smart Access Controls are the main form of security systems that are used extensively in domestic homes and offices. These access control devices come in many forms and offer better performance than the traditional biometric access control systems. They are versatile and can deliver highly flexible services for diverse security needs. The best part of using these systems is that they come with excellent remote control features.

At WAY ONE Smart Home Design, we offer a range of smart access control products that can be used easily by our customers. Based on your specific requirements, we can guide you to the products that would suit your needs the most. Our team of experts specializing in wireless home automation products can install them for you and make sure that they are working perfectly for your security needs.

Here are some of the types of smart access controls that we have to offer.

Door Locks

These door locks serve as the primary form of access control mechanisms that are used for security reasons. The door locks are often used in domestic houses as well as in offices. Most of the door locks come with a keypad locking/unlocking feature.

Fingerprint Locks

The fingerprint locks are high end access control devices that use fingerprints for locking/unlocking purposes. These locks have to be connected to electricity for functioning. They are often used in various large homes as well as office premises for limiting access to certain halls and rooms.

Card Readers

The card readers are a special type of home security system Kolkata. It basically functions as a lock system that is used for its access control features. The card readers can be used for limiting access of people in certain areas.

Gate Automation

At WAY ONE Smart Home Design, we offer highly advanced gate automation Kolkata systems that can be installed in your homes for optimum security needs. By installing an automatic gate Kolkata, you can easily regulate the entry of people within the premises. Most big houses that have installed these home automation products at their main entrances have benefitted from them greatly. A remote control gate Kolkata can be a great way to ensure complete mental peace. The access control gates also come with easy control options and are widely used in various parts of India these days.

Electronic Locks

Electromagnetic locks are security systems that can be mounted conveniently on the doors for restricting unauthorized entries. Once these access control devices are powered, it is going to charge the magnet that would in turn disable the functioning of entry doors.

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